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We Do Rewards Promo

By purchasing any of the selected products within the validity period. You will be required to choose either the annual or bi-annual frequency payment for my savings plus only and/or annual payment for all other selected products and be on the direct debit mandate for subsequent payments at point of sale.

The direct debit mandate is a prerequisite for the promo and it covers for subsequent payments.

The reward is a gift voucher which has been pre-selected, and it is based on the value of one month’s premium equivalent of the selected product.

If you qualify for the promo and have signed the terms and conditions, the gift voucher will be made available to you after a 45-days review period.

Only selected policies purchased, and premiums received during the period (April 1st – May 31st, 2022) may qualify for the promo.

The collection of the gift voucher cannot be deferred; it is to be claimed as and when due.

Yes. But note that all existing terms and conditions relating to the specific policy purchased remains valid.

The maximum gift voucher value is ₦500,000 and minimum gift voucher value is ₦5,000 irrespective of the premium amount. Note that monthly premium equivalent less than ₦5000 attracts no gift voucher.

Yes, each policy purchased out of the selected products qualify for a gift voucher valued at one month’s equivalent premium contribution.

Additional benefit (an increase in the existing loyalty bonus) is possible upon selecting My Savings Plus only. All other selected products are not accompanied with additional benefits.

Changes to payment frequency is possible following the terms and conditions of the policy. However, you will not qualify for the additional benefit on My Savings Plus.

: Surrender and early withdrawals on policies are subject to the same charges as on the regular product. There will be no claw back of the gift voucher value.