The winners of the above incentives will be notified of their rewards in November 2021 with a mandate to respond formally with the acceptance of the offer within 3 working days.

The following Terms and Conditions are the requisite to the participation on the incentive scheme;

  • Rewards that are unclaimed or forfeited will be transferred to the next best winner
  • All winners are to notify the Company of any changes to their travel arrangements with valid reasons two months before the travel date, otherwise such persons will bear the full cost of the trip
    • Any winner who fails to make the trip and did not notify PZL at least two months before the travel date to enable the Company make the necessary adjustments, will be liable to the Company and will refund the full cost of the trip
  • If for any reason the winners miss their flight, they will be liable to bear the cost for another flight and the company will not secure or pay for the second flight
  • There is no consolation prize for anyone who misses their flight or cancels the trip (even if notification is given at least two months before the trip). For such situations, the winner ultimately forfeits the entire trip.
    • The concession (if any) for consolation prize is at the discretion of Executive Management and only for exceptions of dire emergencies. The physical proof of same must be submitted to the Company for verification.
  • The Hong Kong/ Dubai Trip will take place in January 2022
  • Gold Trip will take place during these months:
    • 1st September 2021 – 1st December, 2021
    • 11th January 2022 – 28th February 2022

The above dates are subject to pandemic travel restrictions

One person per category is chosen, next best is chosen for those that win in more than one category

Persons who have previously qualified and notified will automatically be disqualified where there are any reports and complaints of any of the following;

  • Fraud
  • Mis-selling
  • Systematic customer complaints
  • Highest number of cases
  • Higher APE
  • Highest persistency rate