Hospital Cash Plan

This is an insurance plan that pays out daily cash benefits during hospitalization of the policy holder. It is specifically aimed at people who wish to cushion the impact of unexpected medical expenses.
The cover can be extended to cover spouse and other direct family members.

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The policy is designed to ensure that there is no gap or stoppage in the Education of a child which may occur as a result of death /permanent disability of a parent/guardian responsible for the payment of the fees

In addition to the main policyholder, the following lives are also covered on payment of additional premium:

  • Spouse (subject to the age limit)
  • Direct family members such as Children, siblings & parents (subject to the age limit)
  • Policyholder minimum entry age: 20 years
  • Policyholder maximum : 60 years

It is renewable annually allowing the policyholder to switch between benefit options

There are three different plan types. Depending on your choice, you will be paid:

  • Bronze: N7,000 per day
  • Silver: N15,000 per day
  • Gold: N50,000 per day

For each day of hospitalization, up to a maximum of 30 days in any one year

Premium is based on the age and category of benefit chosen.

Only annual premium payment is allowed.

There is 3 days waiting period after hospitalization before payment can commence.

There is no grace period under this policy.

There is no surrender or terminal benefits under this policy.

This policy allows for tax relief.

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