My School Fees Protection Plan

With this product you can provide a benefit equal to the outstanding fee of your children/wards for the reminder of the academic program in the event of;

  • Death of parent/ guardians/ sponsors
  • Total Permanent disability of sponsor resulting from accident

Sponsor contracting any of the named critical illness

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This is a one-year renewable plan which is available in individual and group version

Premiums is only paid once at the beginning of a school session

The minimum sum assured on this policy is N250,000.00 and there is no maximum

In the event of the policyholder dying during the policy term before the graduation of the named child, the guaranteed sum assured will be paid to the deceased’s nominated beneficiary/beneficiaries or guardian for the child’s payment of future school.

In the event of the policyholder becoming permanently disabled or diagnosed with a critical illness while the policy is still active and the waiting period has been satisfied, the guaranteed sum assured will be paid for the payment of the future school fees.

The policy provides an annual cashback benefit to individual policyholders at the end of each policy year provided no claim is made during the period. This benefit is a percentage of premiums paid during the year

Cash is not an acceptable means of payment. Please note our staff are not allowed to collect cash, hence, do not give cash or transfer funds to the personal account of any staff for premium or contribution payment.

There will be a 3-month waiting period for individual version and no waiting period for group version of this product.

The policy does not provide any cash value in case of surrender before the policy maturity date.

If your premium is not received after the 30 days grace period, the policy will enter a reinstatement period. Within 12 months from the date the policy enters a reinstatement period, you may pay all missed regular premium and we will automatically reinstate your policy. The policy may be reinstated (activated) in accordance with the terms and conditions that we may specify at the time of reinstatement. You will only be entitled to your accumulated fund value during the reinstatement period.