Pay your premium

Want to pay your premium?
Use any of the payment options below

Zenith Bank Direct Debit

  1. Walk into any Zenith Bank and get a standing order form
  2. Or request for a direct debit mandate form from your Financial Sales Executive (FSE).

Would you like to pay from your account with another bank?

If you would, complete a direct debit mandate form and submit to your FSE.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking Solution

  1. Login, select payment and then select bill payment – Zenith.
  2. Fill in the category as insurance, the biller name as Prudential Zenith Life insurance and policy number
  3. Fill in the amount.
  4. Enter your policy number, amount and phone number.

E-bills Bank

  1. Visit any bank branch to deposit cash for invoice issued.
  2. Request to make payment using E-bills and pay into PZL account.
  3. Indicate the payment type as “merchant payment”.
  4. Provide all required details on the teller.

*966# EazyBanking

  1. Dial USSD Code *966*6*469#
  2. Fill in your policy number.
  3. Enter amount.
  4. Enter your pin.

Mobile Banking Application

  1. Log on the Zenith mobile banking app.
  2. Click on Bills payment and collections.
  3. Under category select insurance.
  4. Under biller select Prudential Zenith Life.
  5. Select beneficiary (After the first payment).
  6. Enter the amount, Fill your full name and policy number.
  7. Submit